Seville : Andalusia’s Capital City Is A1

Merry Christmas Eve to all, especially those with travel always on their minds !


If someone had the choice to see only three cities while in Spain, my short list would end up including just Barcelona, Madrid, and this place : Seville.

This capital of the Andalusian community is quite picturesque, especially at night. The Centro area is flanked to its west by the Canal de Alfonso XIII (pictured above) , which itself is flanked further west by the Guadalquivir River. And yes, that’s the same Guadalquivir which also passes by Córdoba some 145 km to the northeast.  This is the 2nd longest river entirely in Spain although navigation between these cities was no longer possible after the Roman era.

The tall lit edifice above, Sevilla Tower (also below) has dominated the skyline of Triana (Seville’s old quarter) from the east bank since 2015,  and offers a restaurant and commanding views of the city.  To its right, Andalusia’s governmental offices reside in the Torre Triana Modern Round Building.  Both sit very close to the venue used for Expo ’92. We lodged at Hotel Ribera de Triana, which literally sits less than 2000 feet from the large tower building.


The most invigorating thing about Seville, for me, was how walkable it is and how friendly most shopkeepers tend to be. There is a subset of cosmopolitans and expatriates here that give this part of Spain an international feel. In the shot below I had just gone inside a classic public house set right along the grand Paseo de las Delicias and spoken to a young bartender who had recently left her native Netherlands to join her Spanish boyfriend here. I asked her what it was like living live abroad while in school. She was happy to tell me about the life opportunities that world travel opens up. I wished her continued success with her undergraduate studies and made my way to an outdoor table to do some people watching while downing a Paulaner weissbier.


From this pub, Seville’s beautiful Catedral de Sevilla is less than a few miles drive away, and an even shorter distance away on foot.


Though Columbus is entombed at this (purportedly) largest gothic cathedral in the world, I found that the views from the top of the Giralda Bell Towers to be much more interesting. The walk to the top is easy (no stairs, just 34 sloping ramps)  though the ramps can get a bit crowded.


Most striking is the wonderful array of Spanish colors that coincide so well in the buildings.


Even from the cathedral area, the Sevilla Tower looms large.


After a good workout from sightseeing, you can walk back west and north, where you’re able to see all of these colors and architectural styles up close and personal.


Along your walk you’ll find that the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold), pictured below, just seems to pop up out of the ground.


For those that don’t prefer walks along Seville’s wide boulevards, this city has its own share of alleyways where it’s easy to find hidden treasures, shops, and bargains.

I had hoped to cover more ground in this blog entry, however, it’s been so long in the editing process that we’ve actually taken further trips since then (and so, before I can complete the rest of the Spain series you will see trips to other lands spliced in between)

Still, Spain was quite the experience, and for those that hope to experience it, I can’t recommend it enough.

Enjoy it fellow travelers (for, after all, we are ALL travelers in this life in one way or another, whether we want to be or not) . . . Ciao !














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